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Nurture. Women's Retreat, Santa Clara Utah


If I could put Nurture and Level Up side by side, they would have a lot parallels as far as growth, connection + spirituality etc. But I would say, for me, the biggest difference I observed would be that in January there was still a heaviness we were all carrying due to the state of the world and life events. At Nurture, there was a light heartedness and letting go of that old season. Lots of childlike playfulness and tons of pure happiness and joy.

That could also come with the literal changing of the seasons- from the cold, harsh, isolatedness of winter + 2020 we were emerging from a pretty deep hibernation- more than any other year, and it was almost 12 months long for some.

Nurture brought the blooming like spring but also that space in between- Where you know the season is changing to something new. We learned that transformation and change isn't always easy. Just like walking through the sand for miles it requires the encouragement of others to get you to the most beautiful views.

17 women came into a space and created pure magic. We nurtured parts of ourselves that we didn't even know needed attention.

The first day we honored Mother Earth by planting succulents together upon arrival. Pottery made by Uncle Warren at Red Kiln. This experience signified growth + our connection to nature.

Succulents can teach you a lot- A succulent wants indirect sunlight + too much sun could burn the leaves. It needs just enough water to sustain it's life- typically a good drenching twice a month. Also, succulents don't like to sit in their shit (aka it's water). You have to let it drain out and clear for new abilities of growth.

The concepts that we share with others are like the fallen petals or leaves of a succulent. You leave it in the soil and nurture it. It could take a little while to create roots or a new plant to emerge- but with time and attention and just the right amount of LIGHT, it can take root and start anew. And if you sit in your shit for too long, your roots will start to rot- and essentially grow cold, shrivel up and die.

We nourished our bodies with a lot of delicious meals. Ashley made sure coffee + fresh fruit was always out and ready first thing in the morning before yoga- even if the coffee maker was a little difficult, it was still cute. During the weekend we ate the most delicious homemade enchiladas, curry, + tortellini salad that was made lovingly by family. We supported our local girl gang, Jojo + Michelle by having healthy premade meals and dined in the wind at a local favorite in St. George. We literally ate and drank all the things. I would always be encouraging everyone to "eat more!" I am FOREVER grateful for Josh and his parents for their incredible gift of food! Not only that, but the time, energy, love and support they gave me to be able to create in other areas- because if you know me, snacking is life and cooking just isn't my gift this round.

About a year or so ago Josh and I were adventuring around when we stumbled across Fire Park at Ivins Lake. All I knew was that sunrise yoga HAD to happen there. I wasn't wrong. I know the girls and I will always be able to take refuge there in our minds when our spirit is looking for a peaceful place to go or when we need to bring our frequency back up. We nurtured our health and bodies with yoga in the mornings and a secret hike in Zion. (Not secret, but not overrun sooo I'll keep it to myself ;)

The resort we stayed at had a pool with hot tubs and a giant water slide. Saturday we nurtured all the things. We stuff our faces all day, listened to 90's jams by the pool and floated the river. Massages, reading, resting, journaling, adventuring all happened in the background of our growing connection to one another.

One of my favorite things we did was the sound bath in the house late nights. We grabbed pillows and blankets + snuggled in together on the floor. It made my heart absolutely EXPLODE to be having a giant "sleepover" with my girls. I laid there in complete gratitude for the love I was surrounded by. With conversations of creating more experiences and a "gentlemen's agreement" for a retreat in Torrey, January 2022. The most beautiful moment for me happened when Jess reminded the group that the women sleeping comfortably in soft snores must really feel safe. TRUST. It's fine, I bawled my eyes out.

FYI- I already have a following for a possible upcoming rap career after being inspired by Lizzy Jeff. Because, "I am all that I preach to be. I invite you all to take a leap with me. Astral projecting through frequency. Let's vibe it out, smoke this leaf with me. Keepin it chill." Thanks Jess for the theme song of my life. And also for making me cry.

I don't know how to summarize this last weekend with enough heartfelt adjectives. The gratitude I feel, the love I feel, the happiness in my heart and the fullness of my soul couldn't possibly be put into words. But here are a few words the girls used to describe their experience:


Trust - Trust - and more Trust

The ability to be my true self


Felt good to let go


Growth, like a fine wine + then some! ;)

Pushing out of the comfort zone




Reconnection to purpose



+ Allowing time for ME

And next to trust - CONNECTION was the word used the most in discussion. Connection to ourselves, nature, love, + life. Connection to the childlike self we want to show up as, connection to each other, to WOMEN and to SISTERHOOD.


Thank you to my love, Josh, for his hours of preparing delicious meals. For being at our Earth Day service, for loving + supporting me. For showing me the world through adventures and encouraging me in my endeavours. I love you so deeply.

Duane and Dar for their delicious food, love and support in a million different ways. I couldn't have done either retreat without them.

To all the other contributors/facilitators: Jess, Bree, Madeleine, Ashley, Nikisha, Sheryne, Kellie. You truly made this experience nurturing for us all. I am honored that you shared your gifts with us. You time, energy and ability to hold space for others is something that will always inspire me. I love you all with my whole heart.

Jadie, thank you for capturing the specialness of this weekend through your lense. Your ability to see the beauty the way you do is truly indescribable. Thank you for seeing all of us in our most powerful, vulnerable, and beautiful states and presenting us with pictures through your perspective. You are beautiful inside + out and SO talented.

Extra thanks again to all the girls that showed up and allowed love into their hearts and lives this weekend. You all individually know how much I love you and will support you in any area of your lives, good + bad.

These retreats connect me to my purpose in the universe. Creating well thought out and authentic experiences that allow a permanent shift in consciousness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my mentors, guides + angels. I will be over here eating all the leftover snacks, smelling the left over flowers, and crying while I listen to the Goddess Code. Thank you all for this weekend, I am beyond grateful.

Xo- Bonnie


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