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Level Up Women's Retreat, Torrey Utah

I'm finally home and allowing all the magic and conversations to settle into my soul... Wow. I actually can't believe I am even home, it feels like I stepped into an alternate reality for 4 days. It's wild to imagine that something that I wanted to create for years finally came to life and breathed new life into me and the women that were there.

It was the first night at Red Sands Hotel in Torrey, Utah and I had that evening and the next morning to prepare a magical experience for 20 girls that were set to arrive Thursday around 3-5pm. I didn't feel tired AT ALL, and I was so excited to prepare everything and get stuff into the girl's rooms- I LOVE giving people stuff, all the stuff. But I was definitely up too late and too early trying to get everything ready. I had a lot of women that were coming to the retreat, or helping facilitate at the retreat offer to help- I just wanted it to be for them without any responsibility. It was a lot for one person, if I'm being honest. I wanted to highlight this because there were a few people that I did allow to help me, and without them I wouldn't have been able to create what I had been envisioning.


Josh's parents. When I didn't get the blankets I was hoping for from Amazon Josh's mom was on the hunt. She ended up finding these luxurious blankets at Costco and then she took it upon herself to call some Costco's close to me. When she couldn't find them she drove 45 minutes to St. George to get them. She was actually the first person that I declared to that I was going to finally do this retreat and she asked me throughout how things were going and offered help however she could. Josh's dad and I sat in the garage for 3 days one weekend in Mesquite and created some stained glass art that I wanted each girl to recieve on the last day. I can't even accurately put into words how much I cherished that time with Josh's dad. You know when you get laughing with your best friend and you ugly laugh uncontrollably too loud, and your face hurts? I am lucky enough to share that with Duane. They are some of the most thoughtful, kind and generous people I have ever been able to walk this Earth with. I am eternally grateful they are part of my journey.

Miriam. You know the term "work horse"? That is her. Miriam is one of the sweetest souls that works at Red Sands Hotel. Every bit of this retreat came to life because of her. She helped me set up all my props, she brought coffee to early morning yoga, and probably had to answer to questioning patrons of the noise level in the hot tub. She was kind, and helpful and became MY FRIEND, and I hope will be a dear friend for years. Something I have learned over the years is behind all of our layers and outer appearances, we are living, breathing, loving, souls that wants to be connected to other souls. We all have so much to offer one another- and we could all accept more help as a way to create.

Jess, Leslie, Kim, Kacie + Sheryne. Of course I teach yoga, and LOVE it. However my gift that I was sharing this trip was to create the space. And that isn't down playing the importance of creating a space, but I will get to that later. When I thought of doing this retreat, I knew who I wanted to help facilitate their gifts. I had in mind certain things I had done or learned along the way, who inspires me, who has helped shift my perspective and I knew exactly what I wanted to be shared with my most special people. When the puzzle pieces fell into place and these women were able to come and help with this... I was really beyond myself. Up until I saw their faces at the door of the yoga room, I didn't even think it was reality. These women showed up and injected their wisdom, inspiration, STRENGTH, power, fire, love, kindness and everything else in between... When I say I am honored to have these women at the retreat, it isn't even close. I am still searching for that thing within myself that they already saw in me that allowed them to be there. Thank you to my mentors. To the women that have inspired me, empowered me, loved me, hyped me up and have infused me with their strengths so that I could evolve into the place that I was born to be in. Thank you for reconnecting your soul to mine in this lifetime, as I am sure we have in many lifetimes before this.

Amber. My neighbor, my friend, hotel owner, incredible mom, wife, daughter, sister, entrepreneur and all around badass. Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for women to step into the power they didn't even know existed. Thank you for trusting me to bring 20 women into your space and create magic throughout your beautiful hotel. You have an amazing staff, and that is because of who you are and how you operate your business. You both strong and graceful, vulnerable and empowering, supportive and strategic, PERFECT + IMPERFECT. We all are. It was everything I ever imagined because of you. Thank you!

This could easily go without saying, but thank you to Josh and all the other spouses for holding down the fort. Thank you for allowing us to have a weekend for ourselves- to heal and nourish each other in ways that we will never be able to explain to you- but you know it exists. Josh is my other half. He loves me through all my hunger... not just food, (as he is the best cook on the planet), but my hunger for knowledge and empowerment. Sometimes I pack my plate soooo full that he is like, dude... but he shows up for me in supporting me in the ways that I need. I think support looks one way, but it looks a lot of ways and he teaches me that daily. Thank you, my love ❤️.


Level Up was birthed 2 years ago (I thought it was 3) when I went to Sedona, AZ on a girl's trip for my birthday. I wanted to go during the full moon, blood moon Eclipse. I didn't intend on anything like this happening during that time, I had other reasons for wanting to be there. I was going through a pretty dark time- I NEEDED to feel loved and supported by my girl friends specifically. I had been to Sedona before and was leveraging my birthday as a reason to get card readings, aura pictures and set intentions with the full moon. I was already well into the "woo woo"stuff but wanting to share that world with my besties. It was the down season, so not a ton to do. Everything closed early, most of the food we found was overpriced and not great. But I tend to like that. I like being grounded during a trip- especially a girl's trip. It's nice to not feel pressured to do a bunch of crap, because as women, if you are anything like me, just leaving the house you fulfill a bunch of duties to set everyone up at home for less stress. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, watering plants, making arrangements for kids, rides etc.

This trip to Sedona was so fun! We still drank and went to the only bar that was open. We sat in the hot tub, we laughed until our sides hurt, we cried numerous times, we watched tv and we nourished each other in ways that only women can. It was everything. It was a typical girls trip, but it was more. This trip I transformed and shifted my perspective because of a card reader, Jen at the Sedona Psychic Wellness Center when she told me to "stop acting like a fucking doormat." She reminded me that I am powerful beyond measure. That I was holding relationships to a higher regard than my own relationship with myself. I still feel connected to Jen and need to call her and thank her- but maybe this will reach her. She is the reason I started my journey into my own power. She told me spiritually I had a lot to offer, I was like, "yeaaaahhh okay". She gave me a message I wasn't ready to hear or step into, but when it's meant for you, it keeps showing up- and I got a lot of messages along the way.

So here it is- All the messages, inspirations, encouragements, wisdoms and things I've learned since then all smashed together in a vortex down in Torrey, Utah at a very special, life changing retreat.

This is the living, breathing embodiment of the feminine spirit. Sisterhood, LOVE, strength, vulnerability, kindness, gentleness, fierceness, cosmic connections, soul contracts, laughter, heartbreaking revealing of ourselves to one another. This is what happens when you step into your purpose.

I am beyond grateful for these women. We know it's not likely that we will all be together again in the same space, but while we were together, we embraced each other as only women can. I am grateful and look forward to sharing the bonds of sisterhood with all of these women for many years to come. I cherish my feminine relationships and believe that all women should experience this kind of love and friendship! Again, thank you to all of these incredible souls for showing up for this retreat!

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