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So... Rather than pretend like I am going to journal about this, I am going to just type on the computer like I have always wanted to. I haven't because, duh- vulnerability... Also, I love to put my pen to the paper, I really do- but sometimes it's so much easier and quicker to just type it out. Plus, I want to share with anyone curious about this journey. So here we go... "buckle up" as I like to say.

It's September 26th, I'm heading into my 4th women's retreat for the year. This is "the one", the big enchilada... And let me explain WHY this is the big enchilada.


At the end of the year November 2020 Josh, the boys and I were heading down to Mesquite to see Josh's parents and I started thinking about the girl's trip that changed my life.

It was for my birthday in January 2019. I took a girl's trip to Sedona, AZ... I didn't know in 2019 that THAT trip would be the inspiration for my future retreats. I didn't realize that THAT trip would set the precedence for all of my future girl's trips. It was literally me and my best friends in the world at the time, (well most of them, some live(d) out of state).

I planned the trip to Sedona, Arizona over the full moon. In fact- it was the Wolf moon AND a blood moon AND a lunar eclipse... Also, wow... in Sedona. Sedona in January is wellll... some would say, not very lively- or maybe it would be described it as the"down season". We basically had a lot of not great meals (until Cortney cooked a homemade meal). We ate a lil too much cannabis infused sucker and offended half the town in the bathroom. We searched all day for the perfect tarot card reader and aura photo place... we looked at crystals, laughed so, so much- until our bellies and faces hurt, hiked, read tarot cards- that of course made us cry, and we sat in the hot tub with our wine, etc... Basically, I leveraged my birthday as a reason to do all the shit I love to do, haha. Not to mention I used it as an opportunity to see my favorite Aunt... Anyway- it was one of the best girl's trip ever when I think back and reflect on it.

So now fast forward back to November around Thanksgiving time-ish 2020 and Josh, the boys and I are driving along and in so many words I tell Josh I want to do a "retreat" and that I'm going to put out some feelers and see if anyone would want to do it... Now fast fast forward to January 2021, and I am having my first "retreat". I say "retreat" like this because in all honesty, we were coming out of 2020 and I really just NEEDED a girl's trip. Like, bad. We all did... But in my mind I didn't want it to be the standard- go on a trip, get wasted, not eat well and not exercise at all. Of course all of that is fun and I believe elements of that are necessary- but I wanted a girl's trip with more of the things that inspired me to shift gears in my own life. I felt inspired to create an experience that would encourage others to really turn in and see if there were place in their lives that they may need to shift their perspective.

Level up.

I named the first retreat Level Up. It was in Torrey, Utah by Capitol Reef National Park, and I planned it over the Wolf Moon. I had women helping me lead the retreat that had inspired me move the needle in my own life. I had seen these women show up in their full potential- and I aspired to do that. I wanted it to be less expensive than a typical weekend girl's trip, but add all the elements of things I loved. All of it was inspired from my girl's trip with my besties back in 2019. We had a cocktail party, movie night, hiking, yoga in the mornings, sound bath in the evenings, tarot and astrology readings, and workshops on communication and self inquiry. We sat in the hot tub and we had a BLAST! Again, we laughed until our bellies and faces hurt, we cried and we bonded. We grew together and I watched a lot of women truly level up in their lives- then and even now!


The second retreat was named Nurture, and I planned it over Earth Day. Nurture, or nourishment can mean a lot of different things for different people, but at that current time- nurturing ourselves meant nurturing the playful side of ourselves! We stayed down in Washington, Utah which is near Zion National Park. We were at this fun little resort style community that had a swimming pool, water slide, lazy river and hot tubs at the center of the community. We did an Earth Day planting experience, we hiked in Zion, we discussed where were were in different areas of our lives and recognized the parts that may need some additional nurturing. We did yoga by the lake surrounded by the beautiful red rocks of Southern Utah- we had nightly sound bath and honestly just had an amazing time! Again, no shortage of laughter or tears.


The third retreat was named Manifest, I planned it over the new moon to align with setting intention and manifesting. We headed down to Sand Hollow during the summer... Let me just say- team building. Haha. Not only that, character building. We had some challenges with the heat and a wild experience getting from the lake to the cars in 116 degrees. We ate incredible home cooked meals, painted, took deep breaths together, exchanged gifts, laughed, cried and imagined the unimaginable underneath the starts together. This is when I really saw my team. I mean- I was sitting at my 3rd retreat, literally MANIFESTING my dreams.

The Journey.

When I started this "retreat"journey, I was feeling stuck. I wasn't moving forward in business because of a lot of different variables (2020, am I right...), but my SOUL knew it was time. I got a wild hair up my ass to plan a "retreat". I rallied the troops and we pulled it off in less than a month. Honestly, it was pretty seamless. The second and third retreats weren't planned in that way, because now I knew my purpose and was able to move forward with more intention. But even with that, in truth, I had still been trying to figure it out as I went. I still am! But now, I have some experience. I know some things that work and don't work. I feel more organized, and sometimes I don't. All I do know for sure is that the female connection is real. Holding retreats for women is my passion. Holding space where women can experience true, genuine connection and growth is powerful. I have seen women transform during and after these experiences, and that is why these retreats exist.

In 2019 I sat under the Wolf moon- I watched it turn from white to red, then light to dark. I asked the divine to clear my path. To allow me to feel loved. To give me strength to make the changes that I needed- and then I watched the moon come back to life, and turn from red to white. I fell deeply in love with the moon that night. Since then, my life has dramatically changed. Jobs changed, relationships changed, friendships transformed and my path was cleared and is still being cleared. When you set an intention, there is no way to know how it will unfold- there was and has been loss, grief, undoing, chaos, lots of unravelling and falling apart. But here I am, fully committed to move forward in my purpose.


Commit is going to roll all of the retreats (and Sedona) into one. I have envisioned this retreat since the very first one in Torrey. A mountain setting surrounded by the fall colors.

Starting on October 7th, just coming off of a new moon Thursday night will start with Manifest. Think of new beginnings, clean slate, fresh start, day ONE, fetal position. All meals will be homemade and prepared by two professional chefs- but the first night's meals will be prepared by all the facilitators, made with serious love.

Friday is themed Level Up- Think as Waxing Moon vibes. Take action, refine and hone in, observe, build. Sun A and building of a Sun B energy. We are starting the day with Yoga, meditation, sound healing and a Cacao ceremony that faces Mt. Timpanogos. After breakfast guests will either hike up to Stewart Falls which we can see from our back patio or stay back and do some boxing. From there we will have lunch and then break up into either small groups or do individually planned experiences. Your entire itinerary will be in hand or viewable by PDF. There will be plenty of free time between experiences of either massages, astrology readings, cupping, mini sound healing with tarot card readings, Reiki, psychic readings, mini photo shoots and including an Astrology workshop. After dinner we are going to dress up, I also believe this is an important element of a "girl's trip". I have themed group photos for each of the retreats with either cocktail attire or all white etc. With the overall theme of this trip being Commit, I am imagining a woman fully embodied in her power and potential. So leaving it at, what does a powerful woman look like to you?? I can already feel the energy of this.

Saturday's daily theme is Nurture. Full moon vibes: Imagine turning inward, releasing, letting go, cleansing, ceremonies, divination, celebration, the PEAK of a sun B type energy. Starting with Yoga and Kriyas in the fresh mountain air, we spend our day turning in. Group tarot card experience or a group psychic reading, lunch and then again moving through the space intentionally planned for you. We will get to learn about our Human Design together and experience a healing sound bath in the evening.

Weaved into the experience will be space for creativity, laughter, tears, growth, deliciously planned meals and snacks, hot tubbing, star gazing and the feminine bond that we all want and need. Not to mention, lots of surprises. If you know me, I LOVE surprises and gift giving... If you don't know, you're about to find out. ;)

So here we are.

I would miss the mark completely if I didn't mention that there is no way to do this on my own. When I say that I SAW my team, I literally SEE my team. And that doesn't just award the facilitators helping create this magical experience. It's includes all the ladies that are showing up. The ladies that have been to all 4 retreats, 3 retreats 2 retreats or stepping into this new journey towards themselves for the first time. All the ladies contributing their time, energy and efforts and support couldn't just be described as my "team". They are my sisters.

So now here we are. The big enchilada. Going into the 4th and final retreat for the year. COMMIT. My spirit and yours linked up at some point in the infinite and said, let's do this. Let's walk together for a long time or a short time- let's teach each other some lessons, let's grow together.

I'm excited to say the least. This last and final retreat of 2021 is dedicated to all the women who have been apart of this journey since 2019. From Sedona, to Torrey, to Washington, to Sand Hollow and now to Sundance. To all of my female relationships, old and new, that have taught me the importance of the feminine bond. Thank you to the divine for allowing me to feel loved- it has shown up differently than I was expecting and exceeded my expectations.

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